The world is quite a mess this century. It's a mess because Freedom and Liberty are now only for millionaires. It's a mess because the failure of traditional Democracy to adhere to the people's wishes has caused horrible tyranny and oppression by the very same US Federal Government that was supposed to defend and protect the Constitution. The two-party system has failed as well, in that it only responds to a system of large corporation bribery. This is the Planet Liberty Tree of Progressive Knowledge. Under the Liberty Tree flows a current of Ideas and solutions.

These are progressive pages that we all can edit to preserve our knowledge that we now carry around in comment boxes and in our heads. The advantage of a constellation of living documents like this one is that your pearls of wisdom (and I mean that sincerely) don't fall uselessly into the comment box archives of some progressive blogs and websites, and in mere days are pushed back, completely forgotten.

Also, we don't have to keep explaining to new guys (and detractors) why we feel the world must change course if our species and our freedoms are not to go extinct. We can simply point to the relevant page here, or copy and paste it into the site we are debating at. It is my contention, that very frequently, the comments on many sites are better than the articles themselves.
This is why I started the Planet Liberty Citizen Journal and the Planet Liberty Tree of Knowledge. These pages would look something like wikipedia's pages (it will be up to us how they look) but the function will be the same: a colored underlined word is a link to another page of ours or to another page on the net. While anybody can read them or link to them, and delve deeper and deeper into our rabbit hole if they want to, only trusted progressives of our choosing will be able to invite others to modify pages. This could and should eventually be millions of people, but for now, the faux news crowd is not required as editors of the content (for obvious vandalism reasons.) Those people are still stuck in the Neo-Conservative Matrix of Big-Corp Deception and have yet to experience Progressive Citizen Enlightenment.

The Christening of the Liberty Tree in Boston 1765

To get it started, on the homepage are a few example pages that are hallmarks of Progressive thinking (but any page you would create is fine); you are free to modify the text of any page any way you like (the exception being the text content of this start page unless agreed to by the site Administrator. Feel free to add a category page or I'll do it for you upon request. This is a group effort! :-)

Your friend in Democracy,

Thomas Jefferson

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