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Especially CD'ers! These are wikipages, where we can store our pearls of wisdom for later reference in our debates on how to save the world.

There are really no rules at all. If you want to modify a page, feel free to do so. It's just like Wikipedia. If you want to make a substantial change to someone else's work on a subject page, go ahead, but explain why you made the changes and provide a link, if possible, to prove your correction is appropriate. For example: If it was untrue that Poppy Bush was in company with Bin Laden's Brother on 911, add a phrase that says "some have contested this event" and give the link to the other data.

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Hello Worldwide Common dreamers of Peace and Liberty,

Just like what happened 240 years ago at Boston, we all have been excluded from decisions made by the central government and must instead meet and carry on our deliberations somewhere else. In 1765 the Royal Governor disbanded the town council and prohibited it from reconvening. Paul Revere and Samuel Adams met instead under a massive elm and held the town meeting there. The Sons of Liberty would hoist a flag up on top of the tree to call a meeting. This is the electronic virtual version of that tree. Please enjoy it. more about us...

All things Knowable -1751-72 The Power of the Pen's Political Dynamite
A system of presentation of knowledge in individual articles by subject

Now I realise my prose is an American perspective, and maybe needs to be more general or broken down into nationalities, but since One World Government is being forced down our throat by the Powers that be (TPTB) perhaps that distinction doesn't matter any more. We are all colonists now, being abused by the Worldwide Banking Empire.

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